ASNeG OPC UA Stack Documentation


ASNeG OPC UA Stack is an open source framework for development and distribution of OPC UA client\server applications. It provides SDK to write your applications in C++ and an infrastructure to run and distribute them.

Project Roadmap

The ASNeG team is actively developing the stack to make it more robust and to support OPC UA features that our users and other ASNeG’s projects need. In the following table you can find information about the future releases:

Release Date Significant Features Status Notes
3.8.0 10.2019   Done. The last minor release.
4.0.0 11.2019 Security Client Done. See #5.
Type Generation Done. See #27, #26, #8, #29.
JSON Mapping Done. See #191, #192, #193, #195, #196.
Multi-thread Model In Progress. See #11.
4.1.0 2020 Node Management Services Planned. See #7.
PubSub Model (SPEC #14) Planned. See #3.


We planned that the last minor release of version 3 would be 3.7.0, because the version 4 had started using standard types generated by the type generator. It makes maintaining two branches too hard for us. But there are always some little new features that other people need at once. So we’ll do additional 3.8.0 version.


Our goal is to let people use OPC UA technology easily and for free. As an open source project we can’t reach the goal without a strong community. So we will appreciate any help to the project.

If you feel eager to help the project, take a look at Contributing to ASNeG and join us on Slack

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